January 2015   (9)

   Secret Life of Robin
  The Long Mynd visit
  Blue Tit recovering
  Photo Tops
  Cuan Wildlife Cover Photo
  Sexing Goldfinches
  Blue Tit release
  Blue Tit release 7 days on.

December  2014   (4)

  Blue Tit using one leg
  Winter feeding garden birds
  Wading Birds at Venus Pool




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Blackcap Female Eating Apple 20th Nov 2014
Blue Tit Release 7 days on 24th Jan 2015
Release in garden 16th Jan 2015
At Cuan Wildlife Rescue 5th Jan 2015
With missing foot 1st Oct 2014
In Mixed Flocks 15th Nov 2014
Coal Tit Caching food 4th Oct 2014
In Mixed Flocks 15th Nov 2014
Using one leg 28th Dec 2014
Common Sandpiper At Venus Pool 10th Oct 2014
Cuan Wildlife Rescue Cover photograph 11th Jan 2015
Garden Birds Winter feeding birds 24th Dec 2014
2014 In Garden 28th Oct 2014
Goldcrest In Blue Spruce - Video 18th Jan 2015
Foraging 18th Nan 2015
Golden Plover At Long Mynd 28th Oct 2014
Goldfinch Sexing goldfinches 12th Jan 2015
Goldfinches flocking 8th Oct 2014
Great Tit In Mixed Flocks 15th Nov 2014
Kingfisher Male at Venus Pool 16th Oct 2014
Long Mynd Ravens Displaying 4th Jan 2015
Golden Plover 28th Oct 2014
Long Tailed Tit In Flocks 15th Nov 2014
Photo Tips Natural looking photos 9th Jan 2015
Raven With Golf Ball 18th Oct 2104
Robin Pairing Up 1st Jan 2015
Winter Singing 5th Nov 2014
Winter Song 31st Oct  2014
Skylark Singing on Lyth Hill 31st Oct 2014
Sparrowhawk Female watching Starlings 12th Oct 2014
Female in Garden 14th Oct 2014
Starling Starlings Bathing 15th Oct 2014
Stonechat On the Long Mynd 3rd Nov2014
Venus Pool Common Sandpiper 10th Oct 2014
Male Kingfisher 16th Oct 2014
Waders at Venus Pool 20th Dec 2014
Whooper Swan 13th Oct 2014
Wading Birds Waders at Venus Pool 20th Dec 2014
Waxwing Eating Berries 20th Nov 2014
Whooper Swan At Venus Pool 13th Oct 2014
Wren Wrens in the garden 5th Dec 2014
November 2014   (6)
  November species List
  Female Blackcap
  Birds & Autumn's Bounty
  Tit Flocks
  The Robin's Winter Song
  Stonechat on The Long Mynd

October    2014    (12)

  October species list
  Golden Plover - 200+ flock
  Raven - with golf ball
  Kingfisher - at Venus Pool
  Starlings Bathing - Video
  Sparrowhawk - in garden
  Whooper Swan - flying over
  Female Sparrowhawk
  Redshanks at Venus Pool
  Goldfinches flocking
  Coal Tits caching food
  Blue Tit with one leg